High Pressure Water Jetting

One of the most efficient methods of clearing drains

The use of water at high pressure is an effective way of cleaning, clearing, descaling or polishing a variety of surfaces/apparatus, i.e. evaporator tubes, condenser tubes, pipe work systems, tanks. Action Drain are capable of providing high pressure water jetting up to 15,000 P.S.I.

Pressure Drain Jetting for Blocked DrainsHigh Pressure Water Jetting is the efficient means to clear blocked drains, pipes and sewers by using high pressure jet water or scour piping.

There are many benefits of Pressure Water Jetting as this is environmentally friendly, safe, cost effective system which works for almost any blockage. The system works by inserting the nozzle of the water jet into the pipes and releasing a steady flow of pressure to remove all debris. High Pressure Water Jetting is ideal for kitchen drains, sewers and floor drains.

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